Lead Front-End Developer

Alkimiya Labs

Alkimiya Labs

Software Engineering
Posted on Monday, October 23, 2023

Lead Front-End Developer

What we do

Alkimiya is a decentralized protocol for blockspace financial assets, providing both producers and consumers of blockspace with the marketplace to create and trade financial instruments suited to their needs. Blockspace is the core resource powering the heartbeat of the entire crypto ecosystem. Similar to how robust financial markets developed for all primary energy and commodities in history, as on-chain commercial activities expand, native financial markets dedicated to blockspace becomes a top requirement for the industry’s sustainable growth.

About the team

We are a lean and well-capitalized team of 8, working fully remotely with flexible hours all over the world. The team meets frequently in person during offsites where we focus on building connections with teammates and having fun. So far, we’ve had offsites in Barcelona, London, Denver, San Francisco, and Tahoe.

Role responsibilities

As our front-end lead, your work will be at the forefront of our protocol - the architecture of the front-end, how it interacts with other components, and how it interacts with end-users. Day-to-day activities would include:
Coding and PR reviews
Facilitating cross-team collaboration
Becoming the expert / person with context when it comes to high-level technical matters; e.g. how a feature works from end-to-end and what requirements must be maintained for it to work
Socializing knowledge via commit logs/PR descriptions/changelogs, READMEs, Notion docs, etc
Taking over front-end technical specification work from the product team
Create and manage front-end development roadmap

Core skills

We are a small, flat organization, so self-sufficiency, initiative, and leadership skills are essential. In addition:
Experience developing and deploying customer-facing applications
Familiarity with our stack (PostgreSQL, Node.js, Solidity, GraphQL, TypeScript, Next.js, Wagmi) is a strong plus
…but flexibility and ability to adapt to new technology are even more important
Commitment to software quality, including security, performance/efficiency, architecture, maintainability, style, and testing
Attention to detail and high awareness of downstream consequences, e.g. how a design decision in one area will affect the app in the short-term and long-term
Ability to accurately grasp product requirements and assess feasibility - and to reflect them in the technical requirements and prioritization
Clear and concise technical communication skills and aptitude for writing good docs
Experience in cross-functional collaboration, working with product managers, designers, backend engineers, and smart contract engineer

What we offer

A competitive salary ($120k - 200K USD) + equity.
A flexible, remote-first work environment.
Opportunities for professional growth and advancement within the company.
A supportive and collaborative team culture that values innovation and creativity.
The chance to make a significant impact in a sustainable future of crypto.

More about us

If you are interested, please send an email with your resume and GitHub to: info@alkimiya.io