Posted on Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Penumbra brings privacy to proof-of-stake, allowing users to transact, stake, swap, and marketmake without disclosing their personal information, account activity, or trading strategies to the entire world – while still permitting selective disclosure to appropriate parties. Working at Penumbra Labs is a unique opportunity to work on exciting problems and build new financial infrastructure, and offers a collaborative work environment and a meaningful stake in the creation of a new protocol.

Unlike normal transparent blockchains, Penumbra has a different paradigm and interaction model with what data goes on-chain publicly and what data is computed off-chain per user privately.

Penumbra needs a creative and mission-driven designer to help develop the visual language of Penumbra to make these nuances intuitive; extending from identity to UI/UX of specific applications. Some of this development work exists within Penumbra Labs and others live with ecosystem teams and community contributors. The ideal candidate will work with different teams on projects at different stages of maturity to help bring the vision of private blockchain computing to fruition. This role is central to the project’s visual identity and user experience.


  • UI/UX flows: Design comprehensive user flows for our DEX, governance, staking, and LP functions within Penumbra. Conduct design audits on our current UI interfaces, including our Chrome extension, web app, and brand site, to identify and implement improvements.
  • Privacy-centric design system: Develop a new kind of private/shielded design language and system that can be applied across our interfaces taking into account (public chain state, private per-user data in encrypted form, private per-user data in unencrypted form)
  • Brand development: Further Penumbra's brand primitives, graphic design elements, and voice. Develop and maintain a cohesive collection of assets for ecosystem usage.
  • Knowledge development: Collaborate with ecosystem and community contributors, contributing to content creation for our web properties, blog posts, and social media. Utilize visual elements to enhance our written content, making it more engaging and shareable.
  • Animation: Introduce subtle animation elements into our brand identity to give character to our interfaces.


  • 3+ years of experience in product design and/or graphic design
  • Strong background in visual or graphic design
  • Experience working in startups and remotely. You feel comfortable and enjoy shifting from creative direction to design execution and asset production.
  • You are mission-driven, want to build meaningful infrastructural technologies, and understand what it means to have a world with Penumbra.
  • You are able to draw from a number of creative influences and references.
  • While you may not be a heavy web3 or blockchain user, you are familiar with web 3 and its native design patterns.


  • Experience with front end application development
  • Proficiency in building and maintaining design systems
  • Interest in open source software and p2p
  • Familiarity with other frontier technologies and experimentation with image generation and other advanced tools.

Submit a portfolio or case study in a format of your choosing.