Technical Community Manager



Marketing & Communications, IT
Posted on Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Penumbra brings privacy to proof-of-stake, allowing users to transact, stake, swap, and marketmake without disclosing their personal information, account activity, or trading strategies to the entire world – while still permitting selective disclosure to appropriate parties. Working at Penumbra Labs is a unique opportunity to work on exciting problems and build new financial infrastructure, and offers a collaborative work environment and a meaningful stake in the creation of a new protocol.

Penumbra Labs and the Penumbra ecosystem are known for building in public and creating a welcoming but high-level space to contribute and engage in this process. The Penumbra community is small but growing quickly. As the scope of our testnets expand and mainnet approaches, we expect there to be a much larger audience that would like to engage with Penumbra on Discord, Twitter, and other channels. We need a Technical Community Manager to help with user and validator relations and community management to help maintain the excellent level of interactions we’ve had to date.


  • Support testnet users and validators to onboard onto Penumbra
  • Help troubleshoot technical and other issues as needed with patience and grace
  • Develop and enact community policies with stakeholders to create high quality, high signal-to-noise community
  • Maintain FAQs & help write documentation and blogposts
  • Work to expand community to new audiences (e.g. language-specific communities)


  • Excellent verbal and written English communication
  • Demonstrated experience with running high-volume Discord servers
  • Ability to structure and facilitate virtual spaces and meetings
  • Enthusiasm and knowledge of privacy-preserving, cryptographic technologies
  • Familiarity with cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance, and ecosystem trends
  • Proficiency with command line tools


  • Experience with open source software projects and communities
  • Experience running a validator for a Cosmos-based chain or other proof-of-stake chain
  • Familiarity with Discord insights and other analytics tools
  • Ability to write and modify simple discord bots
  • Ability and desire to lean into developer relations and/or social media management in the future
  • Participation in other blockchain network testnets
  • Ability to gather user, validator, and developer feedback to help inform requirements gathering for Penumbra software development


This is a part-time/contract role with the possibility of conversion to full-time as the scope of the role evolves.